About Dr. Schmitt

Scott A. Schmitt, M.D. is a Psychiatrist who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of psychiatric disorders in the general adult population. Dr. Schmitt is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He provides services in Ohio with a primary private practice location in Independence, Ohio.

Dr. Schmitt graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and he received his Medical Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. 

He did his training in Psychiatry at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, part of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Since graduating from Residency, Dr. Schmitt has worked in Alaska, New York State, and Ohio, serving in a variety of private and public mental health settings. He has been practicing in Ohio since 1998, first at Portage Path Behavioral Helath, then with Summa Health Systems.

Dr. Schmitt looks forward to providing the population of Cuyahoga and surrounding counties with comprehensive, compassionate care.

Please call the office for an appointment.